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ENG 260: Intro to English Studies (Dr. Voeller): MLA International Bibliography


The MLA Internatoinal Bibliography, or MLAIB, is the most important source of criticism in literary studies. The MLAIB pull from the best-regarded jounrals and books in the fields of literature, language, and folklore, so you can be confident that items found in MLAIB are high quality. 

Use the limiters in the left column to refine your search.

MLA International Biography search results page for the string "tempest feminist criticism." In the left column, the options for limiting by date, to exclude dissertations, to select source types are highlighted.


MLAIB is not a full text database - it only provides citations for most items. To get the full text of an article, click on "Check for full text at Wofford."

Search results for "tempest feminist criticism." Under the first search result, the link reading "Check for Full Text at Wofford" is highlighted.


If the article is available in one of Wofford's article database, you will be taken to the article.

Screen shot of the database World History in Context, with the article "Beyond Caliban's Curses" highlighted. We got to this link by following the "Check for Full Text at Wofford" link in MLA International Biography.



If Wofford does not own the article, this page will provide the link to the interlibrary loan request form.

Library catalog page showing search results for an article by Castells. The link to request the book through Interlibrary Loan in the center of the page is highlighted.


To see if Wofford owns a book found in MLAIB, search for the book's title in the classic catalog.

MLA International Bibliography catalog record for the book chapter "The Miranda Trap." An arrow indicates that the main title of the record, "The Miranda Trap," is the chapter title. Below, in the Source field, the book title is highlighted.

Wofford Library homepage. The title of the book we found in the last step has been written in the search box, and the "Classic Catalog" tab is selected.



If the book is available at Wofford, you will taken to the book's catalog page.

Classic Catalog search results page for the book "The Woman's Part."



If the book is not available at Wofford, try searching in Pascal Delivers, which provides books from academic libraries across South Carolina.

A Classic Catalog search results page showing no results for the title "Feminist Criticism." The Pascal Delivers button with the link "Search other SC libraries" is highlighted.


You may need to change the drop down menu to "Title" in your Pascal search. Click on the title of the book to see which libraries own the book and if the book is available for check out. (At this time, ebooks cannot be borrowed through Pascal. Sorry!)

Pascal Delivers search screen. You should type in the same title you searched for in the Classic Catalog and change the drop down next to the search box to "Title."


From this page, you can request that the book be delivered to you at Wofford.

Pascal Delivers catalog page for the book "Feminist Criticism." In the center of the page, the link to request delivery of the book is highlighted.