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Asian Studies: Databases

This online guide is tended primarily for students and faculty working in Wofford's Asian Studies Program. The guide provides links to resources in different academic disciplines in the context of Asian Studies.

Article Search Tips

*  When searching for articles, remember to connect your search terms using "and" or "or."  For example, if you are looking for articles on architecture in Japan search for architecture AND Japan.

*  Most databases will let you choose the type of publication you need, such as magazines, newspapers, or scholarly journals.

*  Look for an advanced search option.  It is often a bit more complicated, but more useful.

*  Use the pdf version rather than the html if both are available.

*  If you do not see a link to the full-text in the database, click the "Check for fulltext at Wofford" link.

Databases--the Best Bets for Asian Studies