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ARTH 415: Empires & Antiquities (with Dr. David Efurd)

PASCAL Delivers

PASCAL Delivers is a service offered by Wofford in cooperation with most of the other academic libraries in South Carolina. You can search PASCAL for books that you would like to read, then request that books from other libraries be automatically delivered to you at the library's help desk. Articles cannot be requested through PASCAL--check out the Interlibrary Loan tab for instructions on how to request articles.

You can access PASCAL Delivers directly from the library homepage, or you can toggle to PASCAL when you are using OneSearch.

The library homepage. In the center, the second tab, "Pascal Delivers," is highlighted.




On the OneSearch screen, "PASCAL Delivers" is chosen in the toggle menu in main search box.



Begin by searching by keyword, title, or author. Please note that electronic resources from other schools cannot be accessed or requested via PASCAL (sorry!). When you find a book that you want to borrow, click the "Check for availability" link beside the item.

A search for the keyword "novel cure" is shown. Next to the first result, a book, the link for "Check for availability" is highlighted.


On the following screen, you will see which libraries own the book. Make sure that at least one library has the item marked as "Available in institution."

In the center of the page, two colleges are listed as having the book available.


If you are not already logged in, click on the yellow bar in the center of the page to log in.

The yellow Sign In bar in the center of the screen, above the listing of institutions, is highlghted.


Log in through the MyWofford link.

Two log in links are available. Choose the bottom one labeled "MyWofford login."


Once you have logged in, you will be returned to the book page and see a link to request the book.


The request form will be filled in automatically. Submit your request and wait to receive the green submitted box.

A form with the book request information. At the bottom, an arrow icon allows you to submit your request.


A green box has appeared above the list of institutions confirming that a request has been submitted.


You can see your requests, check their status, or cancel a request in your OneSearch account.

Your library account is highlighted in the top right corner. Below, you can see your active requests under the Request tab of your account.


 is the world's largest online library catalog.

WorldCat enables you to search simultaneously the collections of over 10,000 libraries around the world for all types of information resources, particularly books.  WorldCat includes dissertations and theses.

It is smart to search WorldCat after searching Wofford's library catalog and after searching PASCAL.  The main reason you want to search PASCAL before searching WorldCat is because PASCAL delivers resources to you in just a few business days. WorldCat usually takes a little longer than that. 

Upon finding a resource in WorldCat that you want, you can request it using Wofford's Interlibrary-Loan Service.