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ENVS 349: Developing Capstone Proposal (Dr. Kaye Savage)

Opportunities to Narrow Your Project & Make It Work for You

Consider opportunities like these to narrow the scope of your project (to make it manageable) and to make it important to you and to your future:

  • Acquainting, or better acquainting, yourself with a particular microenvironment, ecosystem, plant or animal species, culture or place
  • Giving voice to a specific environmental community, victim, need, or opportunity
  • Reaching out to a scholar or research team you admire--this could entail a combination of literary review, interviews and visits (in person or virtual), and plugging yourself into a project that the scholar or team is working on
  • Borrowing or tweaking an existing case study or methodology to apply to a different locality, microenvironment, or ecosystem from the original
  • Updating an existing research report or case study
  • Addressing a question that another researcher's work has raised or suggested for future study
  • Exploring a potential path to take in life or to take vocationally?  Is there "an itch" in this regard that you really need to scratch--and sooner rather than later?
  • Designing your project to help you get into certain doors--graduate school, fellowships, internships, jobs
  • Narrowing the scope of your project not only to make it manageable, but also to allow yourself to dig deep
  • Carrying forward a long-term project that a previous Wofford student initiated; or initiating such a project for other people, including future Wofford students, to carry on
  • Weaving different interests of yours (in the sciences, arts, and humanities) or seemingly disparate threads of your life together
  • Further developing certain practices, skills, or talents of yours; working on your conduct of life, your habits of heart and mind