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Voting Guide

Wofford Votes


In 2015, the college created a new effort – Wofford Votes – to improve the troubling statistics for student participation in the democratic process. In light of these efforts, voter registration and participation increased between the 2012 and 2016 elections. Through this program, student participation in the political process improved; 83% of students registered to vote. Of those, 60.7% voted for a total voting rate of 50.4%, in line with national averages for colleges and universities.

In 2016, Wofford participated in the inaugural “SoCon Votes” challenge, receiving recognition for a thorough action plan and high marks for voting improvements. In 2017, the college was recognized as a Voter Friendly Campus and in 2019 was awarded a Bronze Seal from the ALL IN Democracy Challenge.

Visit the Wofford Votes page for more information.

Voter Registration Drives


If you are planning a voter registration drive at an institution of higher learning, please make sure you have the National Voter Registration Application for students who maintain their residency outside of South Carolina.  For a list of addresses of Election Commissions throughout the country please see the Election Assistance Commission web site.