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ENGL 102: Holocaust in Literature and Film (Dr. Stefanic Brown)

Sources for Background Information

Scholarly Articles

*  Scholarly articles are generally longer, at least 8 pages and as long as 20 pages.

*  Scholarly articles have numerous footnotes or citations in the text.

*  Scholarly articles appear in scholarly publications, often sponsored or published by professional organization or universities

* Scholarly articles are written by authors with academic credentials in the field

Tips for Finding Film Articles

Start by searching for the name of your film, then try adding to your search:

* The keyword "film" or "movie." 

* The name of director, producer, or actor.

* The year the movie was released.

Finding Scholarly Articles about Films

To find scholarly articles about film in OneSearch, you may find it helpful to limit your search to Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Journals under Availability.