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Middle East and North African Studies (MENA)

Pascal Delivers

Pascal Delivers is a service offered by Wofford in cooperation with most of the other academic libraries in South Carolina. You can search PascalCat much like any other library catalog, then request that books from other libraries be automatically delivered to you at Wofford. Articles cannot be requested through Pascal - check out the Interlibrary Loan tab for instructions on how to request articles.

You can access Pascal Delivers either through OneSearch, Wofford's Classic Catalog (see below) or by going directly to

Image of a Classic Catalog search results page, with the location of the Pascal Delivers button in the upper left corner highlighted.


Begin by searching by keyword, title, or author. Please note that electronic resources from other schools cannot be accessed or requested via Pascal (sorry!).

Pascal Delivers search results page for the keywords "religion and theater."


Click on the title of any item to see which libraries own the book and whether the book is currently on the shelf, checked out, or "not requestable." You can also get more information about the contents of most books and use the subject headings to search for similar books, just as in Wofford's catalog. Click on the "Request item for delivery" link to begin your retrieval request.

Pascal Delivers catalog page showing the location of the "Request Item for Delivery" link below the item's title and publication information.


Choose Wofford College from the drop down menu.

Pascal Delivers request page with the location of the institutional drop down menu highlighted.


Type in your name and either the barcode from the back of your Wofford ID or your W number (with the number 9 in place of the W) to complete your request. If your request is successful, you will get a screen telling you which library will send the book. If you run into problems, ask a librarian for help.

Pascal Delivers "Request Verification" page, showing the location of the name and library barcode fields.