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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Department Server Hosting Support

Department Server Hosting Support

Description: Support for departments that purchase application software that requires a server hosted on-campus, and will have the application software administered by department or vendor staff. The server may be either physical or virtual.

Eligibility:  Faculty with department chair approval; staff with Cabinet member approval

How to request:  ITS Help Request system.

Initiated:  Requestors are responsible for working with the Business Office to ensure appropriate contract and information security terms. Vendors needing access to a server hosted on-campus must sign the Wofford Vendor Access Agreement (or negotiate terms approved by the Director of Network Services.) ITS requires two-week’s notice for server installation.

Availability:  ITS support for department server hosting is available 8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. 

Charges:  No charge if hosted in the Wofford Virtual Server farm and if there is sufficient on-campus storage available; additional on-campus storage may incur charges. Physical servers must be purchased from a department or grant budget. Departments are also responsible for renewal funding for physical servers and storage.


  • IP address (DHCP or fixed.)
  • Windows or Linux install on a Wofford virtual server, if needed.
  • Backup and restore service for Wofford virtual servers.
  • If access from off-campus is approved, appropriate firewall changes and VLAN assignment.
  • Quarterly scans for security vulnerabilities for servers with off-campus access.

Owner: Brian Rawlinson


  • Business Office contract review for appropriate terms and information security requirements.
  • Contracted vendor support or a department staff person assigned to support the application software. 
  • Contracted vendor support or a department staff person assigned to install OS updates and security patches.
  • Contracted vendor support or a department staff person assigned to create and maintain user accounts.
  • If a vendor is to support the server and/or application software from off-campus the vendor must sign the Wofford Vendor Access Agreement.
  • Two-week’s notice for server installation.
  • If a physical server, a hosting location approved by the Director of Network Services.
  • If a virtual server, sufficient resources in Wofford’s virtual server farm and storage system.
  • Wired network connection and power.

Delivery Channels:

  • Campus network

Service Targets:

  • Investigate network connectivity incidents within 48 hours
  • Network availability exceeding 99.9% (less than 43.7 minutes per month down) excluding scheduled maintenance periods
  • Scans for server security vulnerabilities quarterly