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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Instructional Technology Consulting

Instructional Technology Consulting

Description: Consulting for technologies used to support teaching, learning, and research.

Eligibility:  Faculty

How to request:  ITS Help Request system

Initiated:  ITS Help Request

Availability:  Consulting available during normal business hours (8:30am – 5pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays and campus shutdowns.) 

Charges:  There is no charge for in-house resources. New instructional hardware or software requirements may require an appropriate funding source.


  • Consulting to ensure appropriate uses of technologies for teaching, learning, and research.  This includes selection, design, documentation, testing and implementation of computer systems and software used in the academic program.
  • Consults with faculty to optimize use of Wofford’s learning management systems, communication and collaboration technologies, and discipline specific academic software and technologies.
  • Consults at least annually with each department chair to review and plan for the department’s technology needs. 
  • Consultations arranged at a mutually agreeable time and may involve multiple meetings.
  • Assists faculty with instructional technology aspects of grant requests, and assists with proposals for using technology to advance teaching and learning.
  • Assesses learning spaces, and works with the Multimedia Specialist and Network Services to ensure appropriate audio/visual capabilities and networking for classrooms and labs.

Owner: Martin Aigner


  • Adequate power and network environment for classroom infrastructure
  • Approved funding for new instructional technology initiatives

Delivery Channels:

  • Completed ITS Help Requests
  • Instructional technology proposals and documentation

Service Targets:

  • Annual meetings with each Wofford department chair
  • Positive adequacy rating for on-line enhancing teaching on annual IT service quality survey
  • Positive adequacy rating for classroom technology on annual IT service quality survey
  • Wofford Digital Capability Maturity index above the median for baccalaureate institutions responding to the annual EDUCAUSE CoreData survey