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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Cloud File Sharing & Collaboration

Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration

Description: Services associated with the college's licensed cloud services for file sharing and threaded messaging.

Eligibility:  Students, faculty, and staff

How to request:

  • Approved ITS Help Requests
  • Requests and incidents escalated from the IT Service Center
  • Approved operational procedures


  • All Wofford students, faculty, and staff receive access to Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft's OneDrive for Business
  • Departments, department committees, and college committees may request an Office365 Team for official college business (a.k.a., a "group OneDrive")

Availability:  Wofford ITS support is available during normal business hours 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and campus shutdowns.

Charges:  There is no fee for this service


  • Each student, faculty, and staff receives up to one Terabyte of cloud file storage on OneDrive
  • Ability to store, share, and sync files from computers and/or mobile devices
  • Web client so multiple people can work with others on an Office document at the same time
  • Faculty can link their OneDrive storage to their Moodle courses for student use
  • Threaded discussions available as part of Office365 Teams

Owner: Ron Wood


  • Functioning network and server infrastructure
  • Internet access
  • Person reporting a problem provides sufficient data to research the problem

Delivery Channels:

  • Shared file storage via desktop, laptop, and smartphone devices
  • Completed work requests
  • Completed requests escalated from the IT Help Center
  • Resolved incidents escalated from the IT Help Center
  • Consulting Support

Service Targets:

  • 95% of Teams creation requests satisfied within two weeks.
  • Mean Time to Repair OneDrive or teams incidents within 5 business days
  • Above minimum service level for Collaboration tools on annual Techqual surveys