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ENG 102: Autobiographical Media (Dr. Hall)

Local History Sites

  • Your local public library - especially their local history/genealogy department
  • Local college or university library archives
  • Local newspaper website
  • Wikipedia's References and External Links 

Local Newspapers in Wofford's Library

Spartanburg Local History Resources

Scholarly Articles and Books

Wofford OneSearch combines all types of materials into one search.  You can find books, ebooks, DVDs, journal articles and electronic resources in one search.

OneSearch will exclude newspaper articles and book reviews by default, but you can add them back in if you want to include them.

Use the filters on the left side of the screen to get more specific about publication dates and the kind of material you want (books vs. articles).

OneSearch search for "Macon Georgia," with the limiters Book/Ebook and Journal Article selected in the left column.