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GOVT 333 Southern Politics Dr. Stone: Searching in OneSearch

Southern Politics

Limiting with OneSearch

Using Wofford OneSearch

Wofford OneSearch makes it easy to find everything we have on a topic, including books, articles, reference materials and many other types of materials.  With one simple search, you'll have everything in your "bucket".

The default search excludes newspaper articles and book reviews.  You'll need to add them back if you want them.

Full text online will limit your search to articles, books, book chapter, reference sources and other materials available online.  You can also limit to peer reviewed and scholarly articles.

Limit to items at Wofford, excluding articles will focus your search on books, e-books and DVDs.

Limiting by Content type allows you to quickly go to a particular type of material.  You can also select specific subject terms, publication dates or languages for your results.

Searching Tips

 Try connecting your search terms using "AND."  For example, if you are looking for reliable articles on climate change in Africa search for climate change AND Africa, then limit to scholarly articles.

Look for an advanced search option at the top of the screen.  This will allow you to search in a specific field, for Shakespeare only as an author, for example

If the search takes you to a "text" version of an article, look for a pdf version if both are available.

Beyond Wofford

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