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ENG 102: Into the Wild (Kocher)

Hypothetical Scenario

You're trying to figure out which dorm you want to live in next year. If you could only ask one of these people for information, who would it be?

a. Your friend who lived there three years ago

b. Someone you don’t know who lives there now

c. A member of the Residence Life staff

Scholarly Reliability

  • What makes someone an authority on my subject? 
    • Education/Research
    • Experience
  • Where would an authority publish materials about my subject?
    • Books
      • Scholarly publisher
      • Popular publisher
    • Scholarly journals
    • Newspapers
    • Online
  • When would the materials have been published? Do I have a cut-off date before which materials are too old?
  • Does my source have references? 
  • Who is the audience for this source?
  • What is the purpose of this source?
    • To educate
    • To sell something