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ENGL 201: Early English Literature (Dr. Ware)

Librarian for English

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Emily Witsell

Cultural Artifacts

Off-Syllabus Texts

These are large websites that reproduce literary texts. You can also search the internet for the title of the work you're interested in; put the title of the work in quotation marks to search it as an exact phrase.

  • Project Gutenberg - Thousands of free books. Useful site for when you are looking for a specific work or author. Not great for browsing.
  • Internet Archive - Over 8 millions books available for free. Again, not great for browsing but useful for specific searches.
  • Poetry Foundation - Browse or search for poems and/or poets.

Historical Events

You can use these sources for your timeline project or search online for useful websites. Try searching Google for your time period, event, or person along with the keywords "archives," "digital collection," or "exhibit."