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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Administrative Services - Business Office and Human Resources

Administrative Services – Business Office & Human Resources

Description: Provide application systems support for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Finance (Budgeting), and Human Resources.  Faculty and staff benefit by having budget reports based on a central database with all HR and purchasing data present.

Eligibility:  Faculty and staff authorized by the Business Office data stewards.

How to request:  ITS Help Request system

Initiated:  When faculty and staff are entered in the college’s HR system, a Wofford username and password are generated.  Granting additional privileges to a user account (Banner for Business Office staff; BannerWeb for budget owners) is initiated through the ITS Help Request system.

Availability:  Self-service applications available in BannerWeb 24x7 except for planned maintenance periods. Consulting and other support available during normal business hours (8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday except holidays and college shutdowns.)

Charges:  There are no charges for on-campus services. Hosted and 3rd party services may incur charges for the Business Office


  • Integrates the college’s financial management processes including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budget, purchasing, and payroll functions
  • Supports the financial planning and transactional functions for the college to provide data for internal and external reporting
  • Supports the creation of the college’s audited financial records
  • Supports the financial management of grants and other awards
  • Enables procurement of goods and services for the college.
  • Enables employee record management (payroll, benefits, deductions) and provides reporting services.
  • Allows employees to view their HR information (pay stubs, deductions, job history) via a self-service interface.
  • Consulting to support efficient and effective systems operations

Owner: Bryan Blackwell


  • Wofford username and password
  • Functioning network, server, and security services
  • Appropriate data steward approval for access

Delivery Channels:

  • Web self-service (BannerWeb Budget Reporting)
  • Application internal interfaces (Banner, Intellicheck, Crystal Reports)

Service Targets:

  • On-campus system availability exceeding 99.9% (less than 43.7 minutes per month down) excluding scheduled maintenance periods.
  • Consulting requests response within 24 hours
  • Mean time to repair break/fix incidents less than 5 business days