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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

‚ÄčCollege Computer Hardware Management

Description: This service provides management of University-owned desktop/laptop computers 

Eligibility:  Faculty and staff are eligible for this service

How to request:  Contact the IT Help Center

Initiated:  request from faculty, or staff member; computer replacement initiated by the College’s computer replacement cycle process; new computer purchased through ITS

Availability:  Normal business hours: 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, except for holidays and college closings

Charges:  There are no charges for this service.  Department may be charged for repairs on devices not on the replacement cycle or under warranty. 


  • Design, build, test, implement and maintain computer configuration images
  • Maintain accurate information about computers such as status, location, serial number, description, owners, versions, and relationship to other configuration items
  • Maintain and manage information about warranties
  • Coordinate activities to dispose of assets, including decommissioning and data removal
  • Build and maintain standards for naming and labeling configuration and components
  • Install, modify or remove hardware and software components on request
  • Backup and restore data as required for system installation or reimaging
  • Identify, record and configure software applications and drivers
  • Provide consulting services and support for release package testing, installation, deployment and operation
  • Provide troubleshooting and technical support services for computer hardware, software and networking components
  • Manage and maintain definitive hardware inventory of redeploy desktops, laptops and accessories
  • Arrange for repair service for computers on the replacement cycle or covered by manufacturer’s warranty

Owner: Kashalett Foster


  • Functioning network infrastructure
  • Functioning server infrastructure
  • College-owned computer used for a program associated with the college

Delivery Channels:

  • ITS Help Request
  • Consulting support

Service Targets:

  • Incident response levels during business hours (M-F 8am-5pm) based upon priority: Urgent – 8 hour response, High – 16 hour response, Medium – 24 hour response, Low – an extended due date defined by the client
  • TechQual Survey indicating user satisfaction above minimum expectations
  • Installations within 2 weeks of delivery to campus
  • Mean time to repair break/fix incidents less than 6 business days