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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Security Incident Response

Security Incident Response

Description: Coordinates a security incident response team to address incidents related to information security. Ensures the College follows an incident response program with appropriate reporting, discovery, investigation, recovery, and follow-up for information security incidents. 

Eligibility: Students, Faculty and Staff

How to request: contact the IT Help Center


  • Requests entered through the ITS Help Request system
  • Triggered by security incidents, alarms and alerts


  • Availability target is 24X7X365 except for scheduled maintenance, holidays or dependent party outages. Systems may have limited or no redundancy. Systems receive priority support during business hours. Limited on-call support response may be available outside of business hours.


  • No charges to on-campus clients.


  • Responds to security incidents per College policies and the incident response plan.
  • Records and tracks incidents and their resolution.
  • Manages and monitors intrusion detection systems to prevent and identify potential security incidents.
  • Issues advisory alerts regarding new vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Leads security education and awareness efforts including workshops, websites, newsletters, posters, and other appropriate methods.

Owner: Matt Fisher


  • Adequate power and operating environment

Delivery Channels:

  • Completed work requests
  • Delivered goods and services

Service Targets:

  • Appropriate security audit reports
  • Mean time to resolve/close security incidents less than 2.5 business days