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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

College-Owned Cellphone Support

College-Owned Cellphone Support

Description: Wofford College purchases mobile communications devices and wireless plans for a limited number of employees based on the responsibilities associated with a position.

Eligibility: Authorized staff

How to request: contact the IT Help Center

Initiated: College Cellphone Authorization form signed by a Vice President (or member of the President’s Cabinet) submitted to ITS for fulfillment.

Availability: 8:30 am - noon and 1:00pm - 5:00 pm M - F except for holidays and shutdowns


  • All costs associated with mobile devices (equipment, accessories, and plan) are the responsibility of the department making the request.
  • Current costs and charges are detailed on the College Cellphone Authorization Form.
  • Staff member may be asked to reimburse the College for personal calls.
  • Usage exceeding monthly limits may generate additional charges


  • Wofford College contract with a wireless carrier for a standard service plan, cell phone, and telephone accessories for approved College mobile phone users.
  • An employee wishing to have features other than those offered on the Cellphone Authorization Form must have approval from a Cabinet member and an appropriate budget number for the charge.Orders replacement devices with charges assigned to the appropriate department budget.
  • Devices are entered and tracked in the ITS inventory system.
  • Negotiates most favorable rates and charges to assist with operating budget planning.
  • International calling with prior request and approval from a cabinet member.

Owner: Melissa Webber


  • Purchase and service must be approved by a member of the President’s Cabinet.
  • Purchase and service must be available from our contracted wireless carrier.

Delivery Channels:

  • Completed purchase and service start-up requests
  • Delivered goods and services

Service Targets:

  • Initial contact with client within one business day
  • Average delivery for purchases within one week of initial contact
  • Mean time to repair break/fix incidents less than 8 business days