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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Administrative Services - Other Services

Administrative Services – Other

Description: Support for other administrative applications outside the college's core administrative suite that are not using a cloud service. Examples include Campus Safety, Dining Services, and the Bookstore. (Administrative services hosted with cloud service providers have additional security requirements: see "Administrative Services - Cloud".)

Eligibility:  Students, faculty and staff

How to request:  The appropriate college office (Campus Safety, Dining Services, Bookstore, etc.) process student requests. Other requests may be entered through the IT Help Request system.

Initiated:  Students records created as part of the accepted admission and deposit process. Additional requests through the IT Help Request system.

Availability:  Self-service applications available 24x7 except for planned maintenance periods. Consulting and other support available during normal business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday except holidays and college shutdowns.)

Charges:  there are no charges for on-campus hosting services. Third party services may incur charges.


  • Applications and tools supporting campus safety, parking, and emergency notifications
  • Tools to support dining services data needs
  • Tools to support Bookstore data needs
  • Data feeds from the core administrative services suite as described in our Application and Data Integration service
  • Reporting and access to current information and historical information as appropriate
  • Consulting to support efficient and effective systems operations and reporting

Owner: Bryan Blackwell


  • Wofford ID and password
  • Appropriate data steward approval for access
  • Functioning network, server, and security infrastructure
  • Ability to integrate with the Wofford single sign-on as described in our Identity and Access Management service

Delivery Channels:

  •  Web self-service
  • Application internal interface

Service Targets:

  • On-campus system availability exceeding 99.9% (less than 43.7 minutes per month down) excluding scheduled maintenance periods.
  • Third-party application support as required by contracted service level agreement
  • Consulting requests response within 24 hours