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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

IT Purchasing

IT Purchasing Service

Description: Procures information technology equipment, software, and services from 3rd party suppliers that will be used to support College mission-related activities of faculty and staff.

Eligibility: Faculty and staff

How to request: contact the IT Help Center

Initiated: Requests entered through the ITS Help Request system

Availability: 8:30 am - noon and 1:00pm - 5:00 pm M - F except for holidays and shutdowns


  • Client will provide budget number unless approved from an ITS budget.
  • Items pre-approved from an ITS budget include replacements for computers listed in the replacement-cycle inventory and purchases defined on ITS budget worksheets.


  • Provide services to purchase and receive goods/services used to support ITS and College faculty and staff.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for lower pricing by consolidating procurement requests and identifying short lists of desired suppliers.
  • Coordinate procurements to have the components delivered in a timely fashion
  • Enter and track purchases in the ITS web tracking system.
  • Create work order for delivery of goods and services when necessary
  • Tracks new maintenance charges to assist with operating budget planning.

Owner: Melissa Webber


  • Purchase must be for use at the College or a College supported program.
  • Purchase must meet guidelines of ITS and Wofford College policies and processes.

Delivery Channels:

  • Completed procurement requests
  • Delivered goods and services

Service Targets:

  • Initial contact with client within one business day
  • Average delivery for purchases within one week of initial contact