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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Computer and Mobile Device Software Support

Computer and Mobile Device Software Support

Description: Support for end-point devices, such as computers and mobile devices, and associated operating and application software.

Eligibility:  students, faculty, and staff

How to request:  Contact the IT Help Center

Initiated:  request for assistance from student, faculty, or staff member; software updates initiated by the College’s computer replacement cycle; new computer purchased through ITS.

Availability:  This service is available between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday except holidays and campus shutdowns. 

Charges:  There is no charge for software support. College computer and software purchases may incur charges as described in the IT Purchasing service.


  • Standard – ITS provides the most help and assistance for this software. ITS supplies this software on Wofford devices, and provides training and self-help resources. Microsoft Office, Windows 8 or 10, Macintosh 10.8 or above, and the latest iOS version and Android versions receive standard assistance.
  • Campus site-license – Software licensed for use in instruction on any college-owned device, but not part of the college’s standard software. ITS provides installation assistance, but may have limited knowledge of operations.
  • Specialty – Software required for the curriculum, or operations, but licensed for specific people, classrooms or labs, and purchased through the IT Help Center. ITS will help install, but may only provide limited assistance with operations.
  • Best effort - For other software, ITS will make a reasonable attempt to help as time allows.
  • Priority is given to college-owned devices, and devices connecting to the Wofford network and email.
  • Troubleshooting may require drop-off at the IT Help Center.

Owner: Kashalett Foster


  • Functioning network infrastructure
  • Administrator password for personal device
  • Standard end-point operating system

Delivery Channels:

  • Software download with valid Wofford ID and password
  • Software installation by ITS Staff for standard, campus site-license, or specialty software on college-owned devices
  • Automated remote software distribution for college-owned devices

Service Targets:

  • TechQual survey results indicating satisfaction above minimum expectations
  • Mean time to repair break/fix incidents less than 7 business days