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IT Service Catalog

Information Technology Service descriptions

Technology Training

Technology Training

Description: Training services for faculty, staff, and students on IT applications and systems

Eligibility:  faculty, staff, students

How to request:  Contact the IT Help Center

Initiated:  Request through the IT Help Center; self-service training materials


  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm M-F except holidays and campus shutdowns.
  • After hours by arrangement.
  • Online content available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Charges:  In-house training and Wofford developed content at no charge. Outside trainers or licensed content may incur charges.


  • Coordinates and schedules training sessions and classes
  • Develops in-house training materials to support standard Wofford software
  • Facilitates on-line access to in-house training materials
  • Coordinates activities with 3rd party training providers when appropriate
  • Licenses 3rd party training materials as necessary; manages training licenses
  • Works with college librarians to acquire appropriate 3rd party training materials and resources for the college’s collections

Owner: Kashalett Foster


  • Wofford ID and password may be required to access some training resources
  • Some training sessions and classes may require advance registration
  • Training sessions and classes may require minimum enrollment/participation

Delivery Channels:

  • Catalog of on-line training
  • Personal consultations
  • Training sessions and classes

Service Targets:

  •  TechQual service rating for training and on-line self-help materials above minimum