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Network Access

Information Technology Services – Dr. Baz Abouelenein, Chief Information Officer
Last Revised: 03/07/17
Title: Network Access Policy
Applicable: Wofford Students, Faculty and Staff
Contacts: IT Help Center x4357

Background: Wofford College provides a campus network to support the College’s teaching, learning, research, and business. The campus network is a shared resource, and we need a policy to ensure equitable and problem-free use.

Policy: The primary purpose of the College’s network is to support the College’s academic and business needs. Beyond these primary functions, the College will grant access as its network capacity and technical capabilities allow.


  1. All users of the campus network are expected to abide by the Policy on the Responsible and Ethical Use of Wofford College Technical Resources.
  2. The College will provide wired and secure Wi-Fi network access to students, faculty, and staff.
  3. The College will provide Guest access to the campus network through a guest Wi-Fi network. The guest Wi-Fi network has limited access to Wofford resources, and may have bandwidth and speed limitations.
  4. ITS may limit off-campus access to secure campus resources. These limits may include the use of additional encryption and authentication techniques.
  5. Remote access for vendors to the campus network will only be allowed using Wofford College’s secure remote access system.
  6. Individuals may not place any type of personal network equipment (e.g., router, switch, hub or Wi-Fi access point) on the Wofford College network without the express permission of the Director of Networks or the Chief Information Officer.
  7. ITS may use technologies such as network access control, bandwidth shaping, and content caching to monitor and ensure reliable network performance.
  8. Devices found to be interfering with the campus network may be removed or quarantined without prior notice.
  9. Violation of this Network Access Policy may result in disciplinary action.