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PHY 104: Cosmic Evolution

Students: please go to the library website to start your searches for information and resources.  The search boxes I have embedded here will not work until I can replace them with new code to match the new library system in place as of July 1.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  -- missy

Understanding Cosmology

When you want to find information about cosmology, ask yourself this question: What about cosmology do I want to know?  From class we know that big history, deep time, cosmic evolution, emergence of life all help define "cosmology."  Ok, I want to know more about cosmic evolution. 

Time to dig even deeper!  What about cosmic evolution interests me?  

  • Cosmic evolution + history?
  • Or cosmic evolution + fossils? 
  • Or how about cosmic evolution + human condition? 

These are all ways to respond to the question "what about cosmic evolution interests me?"  And here are some books that help inform me about cosmic evolution and the human condition:


View Table of Contents for Big History and the Future of Humanity Book Jacket Book JacketCover Image



Further Exploration of Cosmology

Here is a sampling of books available to you in the library on even more topics that can be correlated to cosmology.  Type the title into the search box to find the call number.  Find the book on the shelves and then check it out at the desk.  You can also use the headings below as search terms to find even more books on that topic.

Religion and cosmology

Daoism Excavated : Cosmos and Humanity in Early Manuscripts Time, Astronomy, and Calendars in the Jewish Tradition The Self-Disclosure of God : Principles of Ibn Al-'Arabi's Cosmology Visualizing the Sacred : Cosmic Visions, Regionalism, and the Art of the Mississippian World 


Cosmology and philosophy

The Intelligible World : Metaphysical Revolution in the Genesis of Kant's Theory of Morality Critique and Totality Paperback Cosmology : Historical, Literary, Philosophical, Religious, and Scientific Perspectives Book Infinite Minds : A Philosophical Cosmology


Art and cosmology

Cover Image Book Jacket Book Jacket Cover Image