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Psychology 200: Experimental Methods (with Dr. Dawn McQuiston): Wofford OneSearch

This LibGuide is intended for students taking any level of Psychology course at Wofford College.

Limiting with OneSearch

Using Wofford OneSearch

Wofford OneSearch makes it easy to find everything our library has on a topic, including books, articles, reference materials, and many other types of materials.  OneSearch looks and feels a lot like Google--only OneSearch is limited to the library's trusted resources.

Full text online will limit your search to articles available online.  You can limit further to Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Articles.

Content type allows you to search for specific types of resources--including Journal articles, Conference proceedings, and Trade publications.

Discipline enables you to limit your search to the discipline of psychology .  

Subject terms, Publication date, and Language enable you to refine your search accordingly.

Searching Tips

Try connecting your search terms using "AND."  For example, if you are looking for reliable articles about conformity and teenagers, search for conformity AND teenagers, then limit to scholarly and peer-reviewed articles.

Check out the Advanced Search option at the top of the screen.  It allows you to limit a search to a specific field.  For example, let's say you are looking for works written by (instead of works about) the psychologist Jean Piaget.  You would simply enter his name in the Written/Created by field.

Whenever you retrieve a full-text article that is available in both pdf and html formats, select the pdf over the html because the pdf is a scanned image of the article as it originally appeared in publication.

Beyond Wofford