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SOC 330: Social Research (Dr. Thurmond)

Best Bets for Sociology Research

Subject Headings

In some databases, articles are tagged with subject headings that can be used to search for all articles on a particular subject. You can either note subject headings on articles you find, or you can locate subject headings by searching an index that the database provides. In SocIndex, go to the "Subject Headings" link in the top right of the page.

The landing page of the database SocIndex with the Subject Terms link in the top left menu bar highlighted.


In the second search box, enter a broad term that you're interested in. Choose "Relevancy Ranked" from the search options, then click the Browse button.

The Subject Terms search page. The term "education" has been entered into the second search box, and the radio button for "relevancy ranked" is selected.


The database will list potentially relevant topics. If you don't find what you're looking for, try another keyword. Click the checkbox next to the topic you want to search for, then add the term to your search with the "Add" button.

The subject terms search for education is shown. The subject term "education and economics" is selected, and the "add" button is highlighted.


The database will create your search. You can add more topics to your search by choosing other subject headings and using the "OR" and "AND" drop down functions.

In the main search box, the search string DE "EDUCATION & economics" has been created in the main search box. The subject term "education & demography" is selected from the list below, and the "add" button is highlighted with "OR" chosen from the dropdown menu.


When you click search, your results will include all articles tagged with the subject heading you picked. Use the facets in left hand column to limit your search by date, publication type, or to scholarly journals only.

The search results page for the combined subject term search. There are 458 results.