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INTL 383: Revolution & Regime Change (with Dr. Rachel Vanderhill)

Getting Started

Wofford OneSearch is the best place for you as a researcher to start.  You can search it using keyword, author/creator, and title. OneSearch includes all of our library's collections--books and e-books, e-journal articles, e-newspaper articles, streaming videos, streaming audios.  It enables you to limit your searches to scholarly, peer-reviewed resources as well as to those produced, or published, within a specified range of years.  When it comes to hunting for journal and newspaper articles, OneSearch covers all of our library's 200+ databases.

OneSearch is accessible from our library's homepage:Search box at the center of the library's homepage is used for Wofford OneSearch.

Once you run your search from the library's homepage to get results, you see the Advanced Search boxes.  They enable you to modify your search and to identify each term specifically as a keyword, author/creator, or title:

The advanced search provides multiple boxes for keywords; you can combine the terms in the boxes using the operators AND, OR, and NOT.

Links to Resources in Wofford OneSearch (and PASCAL Delivers) on Possible Research Topics

Search for information on your assigned country in conjunction with these topics in Wofford OneSearch and in PASCAL Delivers.

And consider using the "Arab states" or "Middle East" phrase "with these topics to have them apply to those countries or their region:

  • Authoritarianism => in Wofford OneSearch => in PASCAL
  • Civil war => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Contested elections => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Coups d'état => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Democracy => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Democratization => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL 
  • Demonstrations OR Protests OR Riots => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Despotism => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Dictatorship => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Ethnic conflict => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Insurgency => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Interim governments => Wofford OneSearch => in PASCAL
  • Internal security => Wofford OneSearch => in PASCAL
  • Legitimacy of governments => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Particular events such as Arab Spring, 2010- => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Political corruption => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Political crimes and offenses => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Political culture => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Political stability => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Political violence => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Politics and government => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Regime change => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Regime change AND Case studies => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Resistance to government => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Revolutions => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Revolutions AND Case studies=> Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL
  • Totalitarianism => Wofford OneSearch => PASCAL

Expanding Your Results & Using Rapid Interlibrary Loan (Rapid ILL)

Wofford OneSearch has an Expand My Results feature.  It expands the results of your search to include items that are not available directly at Wofford College.

After expanding your results, you can use the Rapid ILL feature to request items that are not directly available at Wofford be delivered to you (there is no charge for this):

  • Delivery of an article--which process is done completely online, using your campus e-mail address--takes less than 11 hours! 
  • Delivery of a print book or other physical item takes several business days to one week, depending on where the item is being shipped from.  (The physical item is delivered to the library's circulation desk for you to pick up.  When you have finished using the item, you simply return it to our library's circulation desk to have our library send it back to the provider.)

To demonstrate, here is a basic keyword search for resources about "climate refugees" AND "international law"


The search brings up results (73 results in this case), all of which are available at Wofford College:


To expand the search to include results that are not available at Wofford, you click on Expand My Results in the left-hand column of search filters:


This increases the number of results considerably (to 198 results in this case).  Those items that are not directly available at Wofford are labelled No Online Access:


To proceed to request an item not directly available at Wofford, click either on its title or on the phrase No Online Access under its title:


You can check the item's description, or summary, to better determine whether the item is of sufficient interest to you to request:


To proceed to request the item, click on Sign In; click on MyWoffordLogin; enter your MyWofford credentials; and then enter your security-verification code (which code is requested by Wofford's IT Department):





After entering your security-verification code, click on Verify:



Next, click on PASCAL Delivers/Ill to have a request form generated automatically for you to submit. Click on the Copyright Statement box to confirm that you have read the statement.  And then click on Send Request:



Upon successful completion of your submission, you receive this confirmation:


Citation-Tracker in OneSearch

Wofford OneSearch includes a citation-tracker!  

When you are browsing the results of a search that you have conducted there, you will notice that some items, usually journal articles, in the results appear with an up-arrow  icon () and/or down-arrow icon ().

By clicking on a given item's, you get all of the resources in Wofford OneSearch that cite that item.

But by clicking on a given item's , you get all of the resources in Wofford OneSearch that are cited by that item.

Here, for example, is a search using the keywords Facebook AND colleges students AND self-presentation


And here, among the search's results, is an article with citation-tracking:


Resources--in this example, there are 8 of them--that cite the given article:


And resources--in this example, there are 55 of them--that are cited by the given article: