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REL 201 (Hebrew Bible) & REL 202 (New Testament) / with Dr. Ingrid Lilly

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Article Search Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you ensure your searching is as effective as possible.

  • You will have greater success if you put phrases in quotation marks. For example, searching for the phrase "Hebrew Bible" will be more effective than not placing the phrase in quotes, which will find the instance of both of the words, but not necessarily together.
  • Most databases will let you choose the type of publication you need, such as magazines, newspapers, or scholarly journals.
  • Look for an advanced search option.  It will often provide you with additional options to refine your search for most relevant results.
  • If you do not see a link to the full-text in the database, click the "Check for fulltext at Wofford" link.
  • If we do not have online access to a journal, we will get the article you need via Interlibrary Loan.