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Aquatic Toxicity in French Polynesia: "Beware of Moana: Aquatic Toxicity in French-speaking Oceania"

Resources featured in this LibGuide support and engage the topic of Dr. Julia Frengs' presentation - "Beware of Moana: Aquatic Toxicity in French-speaking Oceania." All resources are available through Sandor Teszler Library

March 15 @ 4 PM

McMillan Theater

Dr. Julia Frengs

"Licorne 3" by Pierre J. is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Image depicts the Licorne thermonuclear test and is the third picture in a series.

This is a scan of a (digitally restored) hardcopy of a picture taken by the French army which could be purchased in Tahiti at that time.

Effects on marine life

Darius, et al., 2021, Figure 5

"Maps of (a) French Polynesia and (b) Gambier Archipelago showing the geographic location of the seven fishing sites where fish samples were collected in 2003 by the two local fishermen at depths between 100-200 m offshore the coral reef barrier" (Darius, et al, 2021, Figure 5).

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Nuclear Weapons Tests and Environmental Consequences: A Global Perspective

Pravalie, R. (2014). Figure 4