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MATH 320: Mathematical Modeling (Dr. Grotheer)

OneSearch Tips

OneSearch is a single search engine that pulls articles, books, streaming video, and other resources from all academic subjects. You can use more than one keyword field to create a detailed search.

In the main OneSearch search box, the first box is filled with the term "emergency facilities" and the second box has "location."


You can use the options in the left column to limit your search just to scholarly and peer reviewed journals.

In the left column of the OneSearch results page, under the Availability facet, Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Journals is selected.


In your results list, you can look at the journal names to determine which academic field the article belongs to.

In the OneSearch results list, the journal for each article is highlighted. The journal name is on the third line of the article record, underneath the author names.


If it is not clear from the title of the journal which academic field it represents, you can Google the journal, or Google the authors to see what their academic credentials are.

Google Scholar Tips

Google Scholar contains records of articles from many different academic areas and includes journals that Wofford does not subscribe to. If Wofford has access to an article, you will see a HTML or PDF link in the right column.

On the Google Scholar results page for the search "emergency facilities" "optimal location", the HMTL and PDF links to full text articles is highlighted on the right side of the page.

If there is not a link to the article, or if you run into a paywall, copy the title of the article into OneSearch to see if Wofford owns the article. In the example below, the link for the article "Maximal Service Area Problem" leads to a message that Wofford does not have access to the article.

On the Google Scholar results page for the search "emergency facilities" "optimal location", the article "Maximal service area problem" does not have a PDF or HTML link.

After following the link on Google Scholar, the Taylor & Francis publisher website displays a message that Wofford College does not have access to the article.


To see if Wofford owns the article, return to OneSearch and search for the article's title in quotation marks. If we have the article, you will see the "Available Online" link below the article record.

On the OneSearch search page, the article title is in the keyword search box, and the article record below has the "Available Online" link highlighted.


If the article is not available, return to the library homepage and proceed to the Interlibrary Loan page. Fill out the request form, and we will email you a PDF copy of the article within a week.

On the library homepage's left column, the Interlibrary Loan + Pascal link is highlighted.