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MATH 320: Mathematical Modeling (Dr. Grotheer)

Finding Subject Databases

If you are interested in how a specific academic field approaches a topic, it may be helpful to search in a database (a collection of articles) that is specialized to that subject. For example, to find articles from business journals, select the "Databases and Journals" tab in the OneSearch search box, then click on "By Subject" at the bottom of the box.

On the library homepage, the Database and Journal Finder tab is selected, and at the bottom of that box, the "by Subject" link is highlighted.


On the Databases A-Z page, choose Business from the All Subjects drop down, then try one of the Best Bet databases, such as Business Source Complete.

On the Databases A-Z page, Business is selected in the first drop down menu. Below, the database Business Source Complete is highlighted.

The articles available in these databases can also be found in OneSearch, but by going to a subject-specific database, you can feel confident that the articles you are accessing are written by specialists in that field. You will get fewer search results, but you will get articles from a business perspective.

Search results page from Business Source Complete for the search "emergency facilities" location, showing 17 articles.