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ENGL 102: The American Short Story (Dr. Voeller)

Research Questions Padlet

Background Sources

Tips for Short Story Searches

These are the searches that I like to try in databases or OneSearch:

  • Author + "name of story"
  • Author + "name of collection story was published in"
  • Author + "name of story" + theme
  • Author + "name of story" + year story was published

Top Databases for English

Wofford OneSearch

Wofford OneSearch is a single search platform that contains books, ebooks, journal articles, magazines, newspapers, audio, video, and reference materials. It is a great place to explore your topic and find scholarly resources, but it can sometimes be overwhelming due to the amount of information a normal search will pull up. Think of it like shopping on Amazon: you should tell OneSearch exactly what you're looking for using keywords and choosing the best limiters in the left column of your search results.

A good beginning search is the name of the author and the story with quotation marks surrounding each name.



Our initial search for "Edgar Allan Poe" and "The Cask of Amontillado" found 557 results, including books and articles.


One way to narrow down our results is to limit to only scholarly or peer reviewed journal articles.


Now we have 180 results instead of more than 500.


To access an article, click on its title, then scroll down to the "View Online" section to find the link to the full text of the article.



You can either download the article or save it to your OneSearch account by using the pushpin icon next to the article title in the results list.


To narrow your results further, try adding an additional keyword that touches on the story's theme or plot to the search box at the top of the page.