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Finding Book Reviews in OneSearch

Book reviews are useful sources of information, though they are not peer-reviewed sources. Book reviews can be used to determine the content and quality of a book that you find in a bibliography or WorldCat so that you can decide whether or not to request the book via ILL or Pascal. They also give you insight into the scholarly world's reaction to a particular title.


In the OneSearch box, type the book's title in quotation marks into the first search field. You can also add the author's name in the second search box to narrow your search down even more. In the left column, choose "Reviews" under the "Resource Type" limiter.

On the OneSearch screen, "Nature's Religion" is entered in the first search box, and "Pettit" is in the second row. In the left column, "Reviews" is highlighted under the "Resource Type" limiter.


Click on "Available Online" to access the book review.

 The results of the search are shown. There is one book review for "Nature's Religion."