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Copyright & Fair Use Guide

Tips & Tricks

  • When in doubt, obtain permission.
  • When possible, provide students with a link to articles or resources rather than the file itself.
  • Check with the library to see if we have a subscription to the resource or if it is freely available via a credible web site.
  • The library may be able to place a resource on reserve or electronic reserve for a class, as well.

The Importance of Citations

The Credible Hulk always cites his sources

Citations are needed for the following: 

  1. Direct quotations
  2. Ideas from other sources (verbatim or paraphrased)
  3. Facts that are not common knowledge

Citations are necessary to avoid plagiarism, but they are also immensely useful for anyone reading your work. Properly cited sources are a great way for the reader to further study the topic. 

Important Resources

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