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SciFinder is a fantastic resource that requires special steps to use from off campus:

Step 1: Register using this link.

Step 2: Log in using this link.


Master SciFinder and perform research like a pro with the quick reference guide below. 

Best Bets for Chemistry Research

Additional Databases

These databases cover a wide range of topics.

We also have 3D Anatomy & Physiology!  This is a learning resource where you can explore all the systems in the body.  The modules are interactive with quizzes, images you can manipulate, video, and more.

Article Search Tips

*  When searching for articles, remember to connect your search terms using "and" or "or."  For example, if you are looking for articles on climate change in Africa search for climate change AND Africa.

*  Most databases will let you choose the type of publication you need, such as magazines, newspapers, or scholarly journals.

*  Look for an advanced search option.  It is often a bit more complicated, but more useful.

*  Use the pdf version rather than the html if both are available.

*  If you do not see a link to the full-text in the database, click the "Check for fulltext at Wofford" link.

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