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ENGL 102: Experiments in Time (Dr. Douglass)

Background Sources

OneSearch Tips

Begin your search in OneSearch on the library homepage with the title of your book or short story - you can always narrow your search results later. Here, we've put "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" in quotation marks so that the words will be searched as a phrase, only finding sources with these seven words in this order.

"We Have Always Lived in the Castle" is typed into the main OneSearch search box on the library homepage.


Our initial search found 36 results, including books, scholarly articles, and reference sources like encyclopedias.

The search results screen for the search "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" show 1-10 of 36 total results.


These 4 search results are a variety of sources. We will need to look at the information given about each source to determine what kind of source it is (book, scholarly article, magazine article, and so forth) and whether it might be helpful for this assignment.

Item 2 is a print book that is here at Wofford's library. We know this because it gives us the call number, or the location of the book on the shelf.  This book appears to be a biography of Shirley Jackson, which might have analysis of her work with time or analysis of We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

Item 3 is a scholarly article, which we can see from the purple "Peer Reviewed" icon. We would want to look at the article's summary to see if the article is relevant to a paper about issues of time.

Item 4 is an ebook that we can access online. When you find a book, you will want to look at the chapter list to see the topics discussed in the book, or look at the index (the list of topics in the back of the book) to see if your story or topic is mentioned.

Item 5 is also an article, but it is not peer-reviewed, and it is only 3 pages long. You will need to assess this source to see if it makes a scholarly argument about Jackson's work.

OneSearch results list showing the four items described above.


One way to find scholarly sources is to limit your search to only Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Journals in the left column of your search results, though since books do not usually go through the peer review process, you will be eliminating all the books from your results.

"Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Journals" in the left column of OneSearch's search results page is highlighted.


This search leads us to several promising critical articles. We can access the articles by clicking the "Available Online" link below the article. As you search, click the pushpin icon next to promising sources to save the sources to your OneSearch account - just make sure that you are logged in at the top of the OneSearch page! This way, you will be able to return your sources later by logging into OneSearch.

The pushpin icon in the top right of the item record is highlighted.