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HIST 190 The Ancient Middle East

AGENDA 2/29/24

Agenda for HIST 190 library session 

1. Welcome and introduction (<1 min) 

2. Goal statement: (<1 min.) 

By the end of class, you can find appropriate secondary sources via the library for your upcoming assignment.  

3. Let's talk about sources (10 mins.) 

  • What's a secondary source? 

  • What's an appropriate secondary source?  

  • Which appropriate secondary sources should you be looking for and use for this assignment? 

  • This is where we can talk about specific resource types 

4. Search preparation: Let's generate some keywords  (3 mins.) 

5. Search for secondary sources in the library (10 mins) 

  • Use keywords 

  • Make sure that you are signed in 

  • Filter your results: Under “Resource Type,” check “Books” and “Book chapters” 

  • Try other things: subject, date of publication range, etc. 

6. Determine if the source you found is appropriate. (10 mins) 

  • Who is the audience for the work? 

  • Is it a scholarly source? 

  • Is it concerned with the topic you are looking for? 

Finding secondary sources

Recommended resources