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Lean Library Instructions

This guide will provide instructions to add the Lean Library extension to your browser.

Lean Library

Lean Library is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge that links you to resources paid for by Wofford when you're browsing the internet. It works on hundreds of sites, including Amazon and Wikipedia, and helps you request articles and books through interlibrary loan when Wofford does not own the resource.

To begin, go to and click on the Add to Browser button.


In the extension store, install Lean Library. Click "Add" or "Allow" as prompted.



Once the extension is installed, choose Wofford College and authenticate through MyWofford. You may want to select the first checkbox so that you stay logged in on your personal computer.


When you are browsing the internet and Lean Library finds an article, book, or book chapter that is owned by Wofford, a pop up will appear to direct you to the resource on the library website.


If the article or book is not available, the popup will direct you to an interlibrary loan request page where you can ask for the item to be sent to you at Wofford.