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LIBA 101: The Origins of the Zombie (Dr. Franklin)

Background Sources

Wofford OneSearch

Wofford OneSearch is a single search platform that contains books, ebooks, journal articles, magazines, newspapers, audio, video, and reference materials. It is a great place to explore your topic and find scholarly resources, but it can sometimes be overwhelming due to the amount of information a normal search will pull up. Think of it like shopping on Amazon: you should tell OneSearch exactly what you're looking for using keywords and choosing the right limiters in the left column of your search results.



For example, a search for zombies film retrieves over 1300 results. You can narrow your search by adding additional keywords or using the limiters in the left column.

Search string in Wofford OneSearch. "zombies film" is in the first search box.



Choosing only scholarly and peer reviewed articles and limiting our results to articles published in the last 10 years reduces the number of articles to about 800. 

Search results page from OneSearch. In the main search box, the Start Date field has been changed to 2013 and the End Date to 2023. In the left column under Availability, the Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Journals limiter is checked.



Finally, we can add additional keywords to make our search more specific. Adding the keyword "colonial" to our search brings up scholarly articles published in the last ten years about zombies as a metaphor for colonialism in film. Play around with your keywords and limiters until you find articles or books that will work for your project.

Search string in Wofford OneSearch. "zombies film colonial" is in the first search box.



When you find resources that you'd like to save, click on the pushpin icon next to the item. Log in using your MyWofford credentials to save the items to your OneSearch account.

The pushpin icon on the right side of the screen next to an article title is highlighted.