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Sophomore Class: Wofford Library Resources and Services

To Use OneSearch

Wofford OneSearch is the best place for you as a researcher to start.  You can search it using keyword, author/creator, and title. OneSearch includes all of our library's collections--books and e-books, e-journal articles, e-newspaper articles, streaming videos, streaming audios.  It enables you to limit your searches to scholarly, peer-reviewed resources as well as to those produced, or published, within a specified range of years.  When it comes to hunting for journal and newspaper articles, OneSearch covers all of our library's 200+ databases.

OneSearch is accessible from our library's homepage:Multipurpose search-box on Wofford library's homepage.  Select from the menu above the box which collection you want to search--Wofford OneSearch OR PASCAL Delivers OR Archives & Special Collections OR Database + Journal Finder OR Videos.  Enter your desired keywords in the box.  And then click "Search" to search for items in the specified collection using those keywords.

Once you run your search from the library's homepage to get results, you see the Advanced Search boxes.  They enable you to modify your search and to identify each term specifically as a keyword, author/creator, or title:

Advanced-search setup in Wofford OneSearch is displayed.  Three search-boxes appear in the setup by default, but you can add more search boxes.  The three boxes search by default using keyword.  But you can specify, or change, what each box searches by--keyword OR author/creator OR title OR subject OR call-number.  You also can limit your search by resource type, language, and publication-date range.  The resource types include articles, books/ebooks, journals/ejournals, films, and newspapers.  At the very top of the display, you can toggle between using the boxes to search Wofford OneSearch and search PASCAL Delivers.

Citation-Tracker in OneSearch

Wofford OneSearch includes a citation-tracker!  

When you are browsing the results of a search that you have conducted there, you will notice that some items, usually journal articles, in the results appear with an up-arrow  icon () and/or down-arrow icon ().

By clicking on a given item's, you get all of the resources in Wofford OneSearch that cite that item.

But by clicking on a given item's , you get all of the resources in Wofford OneSearch that are cited by that item.

Here, for example, is a search using the keywords Facebook AND colleges students AND self-presentation


And here, among the search's results, is an article with citation-tracking:


Resources--in this example, there are 8 of them--that cite the given article:


And resources--in this example, there are 55 of them--that are cited by the given article: