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SPAN 412: Narrative Fiction in Spanish (Dr. Nuriel)

Sources for Boom and Post-Boom Literature

Searching OneSearch for Spanish Language Sources

To search for Spanish-language sources in OneSearch, change the language drop down in the top search box to "Spanish."

In the OneSearch search box, the language drop down on the right side is highlighted, and the drop down is set to "Spanish."


To retrieve sources in both Spanish and English, scroll down to the language section in the left search bar. Hover to the left of each language to bring up the check box, and click there to include a language. Click save to update your results list.

In the left column of a OneSearch results page, the Language facet is open, and English and Spanish have been selected. At the bottom of the page, the Apply Filters button is highlighted.


To search for a term or idea in English and Spanish at the same time, put the English phrase on one line in the top search box and the Spanish in the line below it. Change the drop down on the far left of the second line to "OR" to find either of the two sets of keywords in a single results list.

In the main OneSearch search box, the first box is filled with the term "realism Borges" and the second box has "realismo Borges." In front of the second search line, the drop down is changed to "OR."