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BIO 400: Evolutionary and Integrative Biology

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Research tips

Scientists have been publishing since the 1600s.  That means there's a LOT of resources at your disposal.  How do you sift through it all?  Practice these tips to narrow down the number of results you get when researching.

  • identify the best database to use (OneSearch is a great place to start)
  • use appropriate language (look at subject words in article records for ideas)
    • scientific jargon produces more scientific results
    • common language produces mixed results with some social science flavor
  • combine subject and keywords using the "advanced search" feature in databases
  • select "peer review" or "scholarly" to limit results
  • add location, population, specific species, time period keywords to further narrow your results
  • WHAT are you looking for?  If you need DNA evidence, make sure one of your keywords is "DNA."  If you want to know how technology is involved, "technology" should be a keyword.

Great science databases