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ENGL 102: Folk & Fairy Tales (Prof. Reynolds)

Research Questions Padlet

Background Sources

OneSearch Tips

Begin your search in OneSearch on the library homepage with the title of your fairy tale - you can always narrow your search results later. Here, we've put "twelve dancing princesses" in quotation marks so that the words will be searched as a phrase, only finding sources with the three words in this order.

On the library homepage, the phrase "twelve dancing princesses" is typed into the OneSearch search box.


Our initial search found 81 results, including books, scholarly articles, and reference sources like encyclopedias.

Results page for OneSearch search for "twelve dancing princesses" with the number of results highlighted in the middle of the page.


Our first 3 search results are a variety of sources, some of which will not be helpful for this research. 

Item 1 is a book of fairy tales. We can tell this by the title and by the fact that instead of an author, we have a compiler, noted as "comp." That means that this a collected book of tales rather than a work of analysis or criticism.

Item 2 is a book that we have in print at Wofford and as an ebook. It appears to be a work of critical analysis, so this is a potential source for this project.

Item 3 is a scholarly article. However, it is only 2 pages long, so it is probably a poem or creative work rather than an article that makes an argument. With longer articles, we can open the article to see how often the Twelve Dancing Princesses are mentioned and to examine the thesis and argument of the article.

OneSearch search results page with three results - a compiled book, a scholarly book, and a scholarly article that is 2 pages long.


One way to find scholarly sources is to limit your search to only Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Journals in the left column of your search results.

In the left column of the OneSearch results page, the Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journal limiter is highlighted.


This search leads us to at least three promising critical articles. We can access the articles by clicking the "Available Online" link below the articel. As you search, click the pushpin icon next to promising sources to save the sources to your OneSearch account - just make sure that you are logged in at the top of the OneSearch page! This way, you will be able to return your sources later by logging into OneSearch.

Three articles are listed that discuss The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Under the second article, the Available Online link is highlighted. To the right of the article, the pushpin button is circled.