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Martha Cloud Chapman Gallery: Past Exhibit: 50 and Forward

This guide provides images and information about the current exhibit in the library gallery and remembers past exhibits.

This exhibit was a lot of fun to organize.  The Archives and Special Collections held real gems for us.  In fact, we think we enjoy the exhibit more than most other people!  The staff of Sandor Teszler Library walked through time in the process of looking at images, documents, and artifacts from our building's history.  We found the original blue prints.  We found hand-written notes from past librarians.  We found the tiny books that a former librarian was famous for collecting and making.  

We hope you can come to the library and take a walk through our library's time, starting 50 years ago and moving forward.  We've included panels showing the new architectural renderings for the renovation currently underway.  What does the future of the library hold for Wofford?  If you have ideas, please do pass them along.  Enjoy!