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Medical Humanities (MHUM)

Intended primarily for capstone students in Wofford's Medical Humanities Program as they research health-related topics from a variety of disciplinary and cultural perspectives.

PASCAL Delivers

is South Carolina's virtual-academic-library catalog. 

It enables you, as a Wofford student, to request books from participating academic libraries in South Carolina, which books are then delivered to you at Wofford's library in just a few business days.

It is smart to search Wofford's library catalog before searching PASCAL Delivers because Wofford's catalog contains summaries (or abstracts), tables of contents, reviews, and other special features to help you find the resources you need.  Not all of these features are available in PASCAL.


 is the world's largest online library catalog.

It enables you to search simultaneously the collections of over 10,000 libraries around the world for all types of information resources, particularly books.  WorldCat includes dissertations and theses.

It is smart to search WorldCat after searching Wofford's library catalog and after searching PASCAL.  The main reason you want to search PASCAL before searching WorldCat is because PASCAL delivers resources to you in just a few business days. WorldCat usually takes a little longer than that. 

Upon finding a resource in WorldCat that you want, you can request it using Wofford's Interlibrary-Loan Service.