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PH108: Astronomy and Cosmology

Good News Everyone!

Stuart Firestein's Failure is available to read online through the library website. You can click this image to go straight to this recommended reading! 

Failure : why science is so successful


Cosmology Today and Across Cultures

Here is a sampling of books available on the subject of cosmology today and across cultures.  Look up the title in OneSearch or the Classic Catalog tab.  To find articles, type keywords into OneSearch.  You can use specific cultures as keywords, or place names (Asia, Africa, Mexico, etc.).


  The Zen in Modern Cosmology Yinyang : The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture The Science of the Dogon : Decoding the African Mystery Tradition Science, Religion, and Society : An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Controversy

Further Exploration of Cosmology

Here is a sampling of books available to you in the library on even more topics that can be correlated to cosmology.  Type the title into the search box to find the call number.  Find the book on the shelves and then check it out at the desk.  You can also use the headings below as search terms to find even more books on that topic.

Religion and cosmology

Religion and Cosmology Reference Entry  Daoism Excavated : Cosmos and Humanity in Early Manuscripts  Time, Astronomy, and Calendars in the Jewish Tradition   


Cosmology and philosophy

The Intelligible World : Metaphysical Revolution in the Genesis of Kant's Theory of Morality Critique and Totality Self-Motion : From Aristotle to Newton Infinite Minds : A Philosophical Cosmology


Art and cosmology 

African Cosmos  Images of cosmology in Jewish and Byzantine art God's blueprint of creation Creating the universe : depictions of the cosmos in Himalayan Buddhism