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PH108: Astronomy and Cosmology

The universe is more than a place, people!

Course goals

  • To explore our knowledge of planets, stars, galaxies, and life beyond Earth, and the physics underlying this knowledge.
  • To engage students in the scientific method via lab experiments, class discussions, and library research.
  • To consider cosmic evolution as a context for all of human and canine existence.


Understanding Cosmology

When you want to find information about cosmology, ask yourself this question: What about cosmology do I want to know?  From class we know that big history, deep time, cosmic evolution, emergence of life all help define "cosmology."  Ok, I want to know more about cosmic evolution. 

Time to dig even deeper!  What about cosmic evolution interests me?  

  • Cosmic evolution + history?
  • Or cosmic evolution + fossils? 
  • Or how about cosmic evolution + human condition? 

These are all ways to respond to the question "what about cosmic evolution interests me?" 



Perseids Around the Milky Way
Image Credit & Copyright: Jingyi Zhang

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