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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

Resources about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Ed and within the classroom

Job Networks

  • Hispanics in Higher Education Network is a place to find jobs and careers at colleges and universities 
  • link to a job connection website called Diversity and Career. 
  • link to a job connection website called Diversity Jobs. 
  • A link to a job connection website called Diversity: A World of Change. 
  •  This is a link to, "a leading source for Diverse recruitment in higher education for over 35 years." 
  • This is a link to which connects employers with qualified diverse talent

Articles about faculty of color

  • This is a link to the article “Creating Racially and Ethnically” Diverse Faculties.
  • This is a link to the NPR article “Study Finds Students Of All Races Prefer Teachers of Color.”
  • This article explains the importance of creating a crowdsourced bibliography that includes the voices of experts of color in medieval studies, who are sometimes less cited than other researchers in their field.