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ARTH 330: Museum Studies: Theory and Practice Digital Portfolio Project

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April Grey

Digital Portfolio Assignment

The digital portfolio is a collection of digital artifacts that are shared electronically for the purpose of reflection, comment and evaluation. It is a website that enables users to collate digital evidence of their learning. Digital portfolios may contain a wide range of digital files, including text documents, videos, sound files, images and links to online resources. 

As a part of the assignment, you will be working within two different Google applications, Google Sites and Google Drive. You will need to create a folder on Google Drive and a website on Google Sites. You will be using Google Drive to host the files and images. Import these into Google Sites to make your website. 

Prior to submitting the draft and final versions of your portfolio, publish your website and make all content in your folder on Google Drive available for anyone with the link. If you do not do these two essential steps the website will not work. 


A Successful Digital Portfolio

A successful digital portfolio will contain the following attributes: