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ARTH 330: Museum Studies: Theory and Practice Digital Portfolio

Assignment Objectives

Purpose: The Museum Studies Digital Portfolio assignment aligns with the course objectives, providing students with a practical opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the context of museum studies. 

Skills: This assignment will allow you to practice various skills, including:

Research and documentation skills
Effective written communication
Visual presentation and design
Digital literacy and website creation
Reflection and critical thinking

Knowledge: Your digital portfolio will help you become more familiar with:

The practical aspects of curating and presenting a digital exhibit
Applying museum studies concepts to real-world situations
Information literacy and citation practices

Information Literacy Skills

Information literacy skills play an important role in the field of museum studies, serving as the foundation for the development of engaging digital exhibits. These skills empower museum professionals to proficiently research, critically evaluate sources, and effectively organize and present information. By using information literacy skills, museum curators and educators can create compelling digital exhibits that educate and engage diverse audiences.